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Don Calderwood

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Association Management Services


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Client letter  Client Letter

"It was only through
your efforts that the newsletter is now a communications gem. It is said that the highest form of compliment is when your product is copied. We are seeing that, as other chambers and organizations begin using ideas from our newsletter."

- - R.E. Aufuldish, former President
of the Wickliffe Chamber of Commerce,
currently County Commissioner of Lake County, Ohio

Letter on file


Association client letter pen image  Client Letter

"I am extremely proud that our newsletter has been recognized for the fine publication that it is, and I know that the entire membership shares this feeling with me. 

- - Association Pres.

"Newsletter of the Year" Award
Letter on file

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Services for associations, profits and non-profits, and AMCs

Associations and association services   

Association Support Services for associationsASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES


I offer experienced association management and marketing support services for small to medium-sized regional and state associations, staff, and association management companies, including non-profits. This is a brief description of association support services. For associations with staff or AMCs that are overloaded and need assistance, I can assist you with short term help on specific projects, or you can outsource or subcontract specific functions to me. Take advantage of in-depth experience. I have national awards for services provided to associations. 

Former member of:  ASAE, OSAE, GCSAE

  • American Society of Association Executives

  • Ohio Society of Association ExecutivesMultiple awards for services to associations

  • Greater Cleveland Society of Association Executives

1st place awardsAssociation Awards: 

  • Executive Director of the Year Award
    (Executive Director and association management services by contract to the association)

  • Chapter of the Year

  • Newsletter of the Year Awards
     (multiple awards, honorable mentions)

  • Website of the Year Awards  (multiple awards)

Twelve years as Executive Director, Ohio Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, aka Electronic Security Association of Ohio.


Twenty plus year member of ASIS. Communications Chair of the ASIS Cleveland Chapter.

Please inquire. Services can be completely customized to the association. I ONLY provide selected services to associations or to association management companies. I provide full service association management services only if the association is small. I provide project-by-project work or on-going services in a particular areas, e.g., regular and periodic newsletter, website development or upgrade and hands-on maintenance of copy and material, communications with members, etc.

Association client letter pen image  Client Letter

"I would like to take this opportunity on behalf...of the entire membership to say congratulations to you on a job well done as editor... You have worked tirelessly to make the chapter more dynamic and visible. We could not have done it without you."  

- - Ray Hewitt, Chair, ASIS International - Cleveland Chapter

"Website of the Year" & "Newsletter of the Year" Awards
2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013

Letter on file

Please inquire and discuss your needs. How may I help you?


Key elements of association services that can be provided

  • Consultation and planning services, problem-solving, development, and other issues

  • Writing, design, layout, graphic design, illustration, print or electronic forms - full service, turnkey projects.

  • Written communications of all types - please see specific services listed on this website

  • Letters, membership letters

  • Newsletters, design through distribution, advertising design and rate structures, A-Z, bulletins, promotions, brochures, all materials

  • Websites, editing, hosting, design to maintenance, upgrades, search engine optimization

  • List Serves (electronic email " listserves") for member communications, setup and maintenance, list moderation, controls

  • Public relations, press release writing, with some distribution, depending

  • Leadership and membership development on a limited basis

  • Service development (we have multiple service providers all geared to associations, depending, in multiple categories, if applicable and appropriate).

  • MS Access membership database, About Me, tracking, maintenance, etc.

  • Dues billing and collection, system design, solutions to common dues billings problems. 

  • Program setup, assistance, management or consultation, e.g., training, education, convention, show, etc.

  • Membership surveys, feedback systems, response systems

    Please see the  service pages and descriptions for details on a specific area of interest, such as websites or newsletters or brochures, and please feel free to inquire for more information or to discuss what you may need.


Process and accept all major credit cards - PUT PAYPAL ON YOUR  ASSOCIATION WEBSITE - Info PayPal Payments

Please inquire to discuss your needs. Thank you. For more info, 
Contact me

  About Me  |  SERVICES  |  Clients-Awards  |  Working Together  |  News  |  CLIENT LOGIN
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This page is:   Association Management Services


Review Date:

Copywriter, pen

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  • Copywriter

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  • Websites A- Z

(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
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Don Calderwood

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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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