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Client letter  Client Letter

"I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the fine work you've done for us. The brochure you designed and produced, from scratch, is nothing less than a first class job at an excellent price. Thank you. Your advice in every area we've discussed, even though you're not an expert in our field, has been right on target. In fact, your creativity is evident in everything you've done, from logos to letters."

-- President, Service Firm, letter on file

Letter on file

logo, Greystone Systems     Logo of diversified electronic services firm, Greystone Systems, Inc.
in collaboration with Kristen Stuart, Lodestar Visions 

    Welcome...and what are you looking for from a freelance business logo designer, developer, producer?

Business logo designer services ... 


Services to:  Companies - Associations - Non-profits - Corporations -Organizational logos - custom, unique concept, design and production

     What I do:  I produce custom logos and full company or organizational identities, image, from A to Z. From scratch. Not "fancy designs," but a logo with tag lines set within an identity that resonates with key markets that will stand the test of time. I don't have, nor do I supply, stock logos or images. All work is custom work, creative work, and is designed to produce the kind of result that provides benefits and advantages to clients. It's all about "meaning."



Security Source logo



Study this logo above, and think about what you see.
Click the logo or here for perspectives and notes on impact and meaning - PERSPECTIVE



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Logos:  meaning, definition, importance
Logo and the secret of  identity, branding
Example:  a logo and impact on thinking
Identity basics


    I emphasize this word to describe what I do in creating and producing logos for companies and organizations:  Professional. If you think a logo is just "a fancy design" then you are simply looking for an artist to produce some shapes, resulting in a logo that may or may not mean much of anything other than a purely abstract representation. And it's not hard to find an artist that will do that; dime a dozen, and rare is the one that comprehends market positioning, competitive positioning, and the business aspects of it all. What does a good, professionally-designed, and carefully crafted logo actually do? What, exactly? It is the very symbol of your enterprise, what the organization stands for, "who" you are, and what you're about. It positions you against competition. It gets you business or inquiries, subtly, as a central part and element of what you provide; while hard to measure, it's true. A logo is a central part of your marketing and advertising, your very identity as an organization, starting with your business card and carefully applied through all the pieces that communicate your printed or electronic representations of your organization. It calls forth a positive response in the viewer; a very good one should do just that. A logo participates silently in your results, growth as an enterprise, your future. It's not something you "play around with" and change, willy-nilly; it is something of real value that you hold onto and keep firm and use for decades. Combined with a skillfully crafted tag line, text, copy, ideas that define and position you, a logo is a workhorse that keeps on working. A really good one, that is. logo of Lodestar Visions, a freelance logo graphic designer, located Lake County Ohio


     I produce logos. I study and analyze all aspects and factors that come into play in regard to the creation, and work closely with a local,  experienced, and professional graphic artist with much design experience specifically in logo development (or others if a client has their own designer). I don't usually draw them, as my personal drawing skill can be accurately described as high level stick figures. However, I'm part and parcel of the creative process, as well as in developing tag and positioning lines. I manage the process while being part of it. There is much more to a logo and logo decisions than you would think. It is the marketing and positioning aspects, the definitions of an enterprise, that go into the graphic design; not one without the other. A good producer and writer coupled with a skilled graphic designer:  power.




ARC logo/name type




Logo:  importance and definition

A logo is all these things:  central, basic, important, necessary, first, prime, primary. These are the words that come to mind as I think about the place of a logo in its business use, in marketing and advertising. From the Greek, logos, as in "meaning". In theology, with a capital, "Logos", literally "the Word of God".

logo/logotype:  an identifying symbol (as for advertising). Webster
a trademark or other figure frequently associated with an enterprise. World Book Dict.
logo, noun, colloquial:  1. Logotype. 2. a motto, especially of a commercial product. Oxford Dict.

Central. The symbol calls forth image, thought, words, pictures, associations. When you see signs in front of businesses with common logos, you know instantly with some what they represent:  a big tooth = a dentist, a key = a locksmith, a frothy and frosty mug of beer, either a tavern or a beverage store or beer distributor.  

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A logo "sticks" in the mind; power to change thinking

In seminars I give on advertising, marketing, corporate or company image, I draw the letter " M " on the board and ask people in the audience exactly what that is - "What is that?" While there is a bias and a clue because of the subject of the seminar, almost everyone answers "McDonalds" or "Golden Arches", meaning the McDonalds Corporation. It takes a little prodding, more asking, to get someone to say that it is the letter of the alphabet, an "M". It is simply a letter of the alphabet. But through consistent application without variation, through constant advertising and presentation, this corporation has changed peoples' minds about what the "M" symbol of the alphabet really is. No longer is it simply an "M". It is a corporation. No longer are even golden arches whatever people used to think (Golden Gate Bridge, entrance to heaven, etc.), it is a corporation. So, whether you personally like this corporation or their products, they have your mind and they have changed how you think. And they have share of market, solidly, which all starts with share of mind. Logos. Meaning. Symbols. Power. And in your refrigerator is Heinz Ketchup and, if not, well then you have Hunt's. Logos help make it happen.            Scroll down for more or
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 Logo of Newsletter Communications, a  business logo



Original logo of the Ohio Burglar & Fire Alarm AssociationSHIFT:  Chances are you're not a multi-million dollar corporation with a huge big budget. For small and medium businesses or organizations, apply the concepts to your market and your prospects, as well as customers - very important. Same concept; different delivery. What do you want to have happen? When your prospects and customers think of your product or service, you want them to think of you first. This begins with a logo and name type, and then on to how it is delivered and driven home. Use different methods to impact your customers and your prospects.


    There are significant differences in how you apply these ideas for a small and medium business, and you must understand the differences in how identity is communicated, the different approach to identity. 


     Logos and name type


logo, Hawkeye Services    I produce unique logos with appropriate name type geared to establishing or enhancing your business identity in your market. We do so in line with our knowledge and our experience with business identity and the needs of small and medium businesses. 


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Logos in other mediums: 


For graphic design representation of logos, in different treatments, click on LOGO or link below (opens in a new browser window):






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This page is:   Business Logo Designer

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(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
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Don Calderwood

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