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Don Calderwood

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This page is:   Branding, Business & Corporate Identity


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"Ah, to see ourselves as others see us, there's the rub."

- - Shakespeare

"'Positioning' isn't everything -  it's the
 only thing."

- - D.O., Dean of American Advertising


Business Identity, Branding, Corporate Identity: 


What are these? How do they work? Trade secret revealed?


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      What I do:  I craft identities for organizations of many types, and produce all materials and collaterals, starting with a logo, and moving through implementation of all forms used by the organization, from business cards to websites. A to Z. Print and electronics. And I help to manage it for the long haul.


     Business identity? Organizational identity? Get a handle on this and you'll be so far ahead of most other people that you'll look back and shake your head. The very best people who craft the image of the major corporations of the world, all the corporations and organization that you know well, they "get it." Trade secret? So it would seem, but it's really not a secret. All you have to do is look, study, and then truly see. Once you see it, once you "get it," it's obvious. And once you see it, you can't live with a sloppy, ill-defined, haphazard look any more. Too late. No return. logo, identity, Greystone Systems



     The secret:  To project identity effectively, everything that projects identity must match perfectly, undeniably, the essence of consistency:  logo, colors, fonts, images, sizes, proportions, backgrounds, feel, tone. 100% is ideal - 95% will suffice.  It must be applied consistently across the entire range of organization materials, and not vary:  letterhead, business cards, envelopes, decals, brochures, newsletters, product or service sheets, signs, website, all and sundry. Such consistency shouldn't be a problem, should be easy, but it isn't. Why? People look and they don't see what is really there. They get too close and can't see the forest for the trees. Multiple people over a period of time start producing materials, and they get all out of bounds. There's no style sheet, and nothing to follow, and no one is following anyway, so identity turns into a hodge podge, a mess, and identity stops working for the organization, and starts to work against it.

      The level these symbols operate on:  Go for a moment to the highest level. All of us live and exist within a symbolic world. It's a symbolic universe. Symbols, the symbols and what they represent, what is behind them, can wield tremendous power, can call forth the deepest responses. Witness the responses to the flag, the cross, the swastika. Read the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, On Civil Disobedience, others. The power to move people, their minds and hearts. Words and images, symbols, on paper that have changed the world. The power of symbols is often misunderstood, but these operate on the many levels of consciousness and awareness. Image, identity, representation to the world. Power. Read Carl Jung. Symbols? All language is a set of symbols. Part of the secret, if secret it be, is in the application. Emotion. Read this, for example:  "Well, if I can't move around freely, I don't think I want to be here." Any emotional response? Probably not. Read this:  "Give me liberty or give me death!" -- Patrick Henry.



Decal, Security Sign, Greystone Systems     Pay attention:  Those who would win, whatever their particular pursuits, pay close attention to those symbols (language, words, images, photos, graphic design, illustration, logos, meaning). You craft these and manage these and maintain these in line with your objectives with great care, and with great investment. It's that important. In major corporations millions are spent on this, and it's not taken for granted in the least. They don't invest that kind of money without a complete understanding of the value, the return, and the necessity of a well crafted and projected identity. They ignore this at their peril, and so they don't.






Different:  A logo is not a corporate identity, as some seem to think. A logo is a central part of corporate identity, but corporate identity goes way beyond this. It is a totality of how a corporation, company, or organization is viewed or seen.


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Sign, Greystone Systems


   Identity Basicslogo,Greystone Systems


     Organization identity begins with a distinctive, unique, readily identifiable logo, symbol if you will. Begins. Corporate identity is more than a logo, is woven throughout an organization, through all that it does, all it presents. Identity is projected through the graphic image combined with font for the "name type" that remain absolutely consistent, the "feel" from the weight and texture, the consistency of colors and their representation, all of these create identity. Identity then established, it is the business image combined with the business identity that can be worked on together through the skillful and creative use of advertising, collaterals, and the actions of the business. The first order of business is to have a vision of the enterprise, its placement among any competitors, and where it hopes to navigate. It all begins with vision - vision, and then its representation...



"The first order of business is to have a vision of the enterprise,
its placement among any competitors, and where it hopes to navigate.
It all begins with vision - vision, and then its representation... "


Brochure, Greystone Systems  

    All of these combined, as well as being consistently applied, translate into the creation and fulfillment of a basic and major business objective:  to create, establish, and then maintain a Strong Business Identity. This paves the way and leads to Increased Customer Flow, a second major objective, and relates directly to share of market - all of these related to profit, to position, to increased values. Identity and image are central to purpose, and to fulfilling the purpose of the business. To ignore these elements of identity and image, somewhat, to not invest in these, to treat them lightly or without strict attention and management and care, is literally a grave and costly business mistake. Your identity and image directly contribute to either making money or losing money - a loose, confused, conflicted identity and image will do exactly that. Your business identity and your business image are a reflection and projection of who you are (in a business or management or, sometimes, personal sense) and what you stand for. Prospects will get the message, whatever it is, pro or con. A strong identity and image are the keys to turn to open the door to business objectives.  


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     Now, if this is all "old hat" to you and you are looking for a highly qualified source to help you fulfill your objectives and get all that flows your way from a carefully and skillfully created organizational identity, then you should be calling me - we're on the same wavelength and we talk the same language - because I'll help you every step of the way. And if these ideas seem a little foreign or somewhat new to you, then you should be calling me, because I can help you navigate these waters and get you through. That's what I do, and I'll put my know-how to work for you, from creation to longer term management. If you have designers, writers, illustrators, who know what they're doing in your corner and working for you, you have this:  Advantage. In either case, please view our samples and then call us. Investigate our talents and how you can use them - you have nothing to lose. Call me.


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This page is:   Branding, Business & Corporate Identity

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(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
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