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Don Calderwood


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National Awards
for services provided to Hawkeye Services' clients: 
Fourteen Awards

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Pen, client letter on file  Client Letter

"You have worked tirelessly and made the chapter more dynamic and visible. We could not have done it without you. Please accept our heart-felt thanks and appreciation for all of your accomplishments and I am sure that I speak for the entire organization..."

 - - Ray Hewitt, Chair,
ASIS Cleveland
(formerly American Society for Industrial Security

Letter on file


Pen, client letter on file  Client Letter

"We have gained national recognition in our field, won awards for some of our end-user literature, and continue to move up in the national rankings..."

- - VP & General Manager,
national wholesale service firm

Letter on file




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Don Calderwood
Donald S. Calderwood, Background Summary, Experience; originally from P G H.


Background Summary

Over (25) years in writing and communications; management, sales, advertising, marketing, customer relations. Website Training Program from AT&T, providing websites and services since 1998. More below.


This is more information than you probably wanted to know, but it's here if you want it. I much prefer a narrative summary than the traditional background or resume approach, but if you scroll down, you'll certainly get a comprehensive but quick overview:  work history, education, credits, awards, memberships, personal stuff.

Some publications and creditsDon Calderwood

  • Fast Forward:  VCRs Move Ahead, Security Management Magazine, (Cover and lead article of magazine).

  • Ghost writing articles for clients that have appeared in trade magazines:  Security Dealer, Security Sales, National Locksmith, Security Management.

  • Reaching Out, a 35 minute training film/video; Co-author, production coordinator, narrator. Case Western Reserve University, Dept. of Adult and Continuing Education

  • Senior Report, writer and production coordinator, weekly half-hour radio show, WWWE, through a community planning agency

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Work experience, skill summary


Hawkeye Services, Painesville Twp., OH,
Owner, Producer. Hawkeye Services (formerly NC&MSCO) formed in 1988 to provide creative services in written and printed communications materials to businesses and organizations (subsequently, electronic formats). Main areas:  public relations, PR materials, advertising, business plans, manuals, brochures, newsletters, websites, collaterals. Second area:  provide association management services to small or medium-sized associations.


Skill summary:  Idea generation, copywriting, business writing, management functions, development and process functions, computerization management, representation functions, leadership development, working with groups, interviewing, sales and marketing functions, communications management, websites from hosting to design to maintenance, training, presentations, speaking.




Representative of a security company, Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
     Sales Representative, Branch Manager, opening Cleveland office. Bank, commercial CCTV, access control systems, covert camera systems, recording systems for security and management.


Representative of a major publishing company, New York, NY
Cleveland, OH
     Publishers Representative, Senior Contractor, Northern Ohio. Comprehensive industrial advertising sales to diverse industries, direct sales and sales force management of 7 salespersons. Gold Star Contractor.


Representative of a publishing company, Framingham, MA
Cleveland, OH
     Publishers Representative, advertising sales, retail, commercial, professional.
    Western Sales Training Director
, managing and running training centers for average of 25 new salespeople
     Division Sales Manager
. Multiple awards in both sales and sales training.


Representative of an equipment sales company, Cleveland, OH
     Promotional Sales Representative, sales. Water treatment equipment. Multiple sales awards.


Government, grant, or shorter term contract positions, as follow below:
Cleveland, OH

  • Community planning agency, Cleveland, OH:  Associate Planner, Project on Aging

  • Major university, Cleveland, OH:  Group Leader, Instructor, GOW Program

  • Board of education, Cleveland, OH:  Special Supportive Tutor

  • Mental hospital, Cleveland, OH:  Psych. Outpatient Social Worker

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Bachelor of Arts Degree, Sociology, with a minor in English, Deanís List, at an   O h i o University


Additional training and education

  • Group Process Skills, Case Western Reserve University

  • Professional Sales Training Program, equipment sales company

  • Comprehensive Division Sales Management Course, publishing company

  • Website Creation, Development, and Management, AT&T Web Services

Some other items and activities

Several years service as an officer in the Cleveland Chapter of ASIS Cleveland (Secretary, Newsletter Committee Chair.) and the Wickliffe Area Chamber of Commerce (Vice President, Communications & Newsletter Chairman).


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Upcoming...and now done

  •  Publishing my first book...Made it!




ANNOUNCING... book publication: 

 and How It Gets That Way

Author, Don Calderwood
Engaging, fictional, and entertaining short stories

Positive reader reviews and comments.
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Some personal stuff...(photo) Don Calderwood

  • Favorite authorHenry Miller, at the very top of my list - way up there. I have most everything he's ever written. Most, not all.

  • Favorite bookThe Wisdom of the Heart, by Henry Miller, and others by him. On Writing, the trilogy, etc.

  • Favorite quote - "Strange as it may seem today to say, the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware."  Henry Miller, from an essay, "Creative Death".

  • Favorite Artist & Painting - many, but Edward Hopper is a star. Nighthawks is one sensational painting and favorite.

  • Favorite Illustrator - Maxfield Parrish - see below

  • Telling friends they should read - duh, Henry Miller...anything by him, with the possible exception of his first novels very early on. Tropic of Cancer was the start of his fame, but Tropic of Capricorn shines above. Don't confuse Henry with Arthur Miller, another great, because they are night and day.

  • Favorite poet - e.e. cummings (and, yes, lower case was his style). I also enjoy Beat poets immensely, but any good poem and poet will do.

  • Favorite food - 1. Mushroom ravioli; 2. Saganaki or Sazanaki (fried Kasseri, lemon, pepper, brandy or other liquor, flambe'ed at the table). Greek, 1968, invented in Chicago at the Parthenon.

  • Favorite color - I like them all and never had a true favorite but, if forced to choose, it would always be Parrish Blue.

  • Favorite movies of all time - Chinatown, Casablanca

  • Favorite music and song - Rock, jazz, pop, classical... eclectic. Personally, nothing beats At Last by Etta James. How about George Gershwin? Wonderful. Modern pop, too. Adele, etc.

  • Light of his life - my two children, for starters.

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     2003 Honorable Mention, Poetry Competition, for the poem, An American Indian, performed at Lakeland Community College, published in the Lakeland Forum

  • Would love to live in... Montreal or Quebec City or Paris. I think. Maybe. Mexico, depending upon where, again "maybe," or possibly Costa Rica. Not sure. It changes.

  • Most interesting place ever lived in (so far):  Mexico City, D.F.

  • He is thrilled when... poems are born.

  • Someday... a major work in publication beyond what I've done.

  • Other stuff... If you haven't read Henry Miller - not Arthur Miller, also good in the extreme - you've missed one of the top twenty writers or authors of the 20th century, terribly relevant today.

  • Originally from... a city in Western Pennsylvania P G H


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For more INFORMATION please inquire:   Contact Me  Thank you.

   About Me   |  Clients-Awards  |   News  |  Contact Me


This page:   Profile - About Me

Site Review:

Copywriter, pen

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(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
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Don Calderwood

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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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