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This page is:   Services to the Security Industry


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Award-winning Services to the Security Industry


- Serving the U.S. - Cleveland Area, Ohio



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ASIS Cleveland logo


ASIS Member beginning in December, 1985, current member, *ASIS International, ASIS Cleveland Chapter

*ASIS, formerly the American Society for Industrial Security, expanding to become international in scope.

Services to the chapter resulting in Newsletter of the Year Awards, multiple awards and years,
Website of the Year Awards, multiple years and awards, 2006-2014,
for ASIS Cleveland, and other awards for private security providers|

Services for the Security Industry for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, service providers
For security organizations or companies, we work with you to produce:

  • Organizational, company, or corporate IDENTITY, BRANDING

  • Logos, icons, graphic representation

  • Company or organizational materials

  • Brochures

  • Product or service sheets

  • Advertising, flyers, trade show materials

  • Newsletters

  • Press releases

  • PR backgrounders About Me sections, materials

  • Professional websites, A to Z, domain name, hosting, design, editing, maintenance


  • A introductory note from Don Calderwood

  • Security involvements and security expertise deliver benefits

  • A firm grounding in both worlds - communications and security - provides ease with vastly improved communications to clients, prospects, and significant other parties.

SecurityBackground, Security Industry Involvement:    Much of my background lies in the advertising industry and in writing and publishing, mostly promotional in nature. However, many of my clients are in the security industry. How did this happen? For a number of years I was in the security  industry directly (see "Narrative..." below). Through word of mouth, security associations, association with clients and their referrals, as well as by promotion, this involvement grew.  Security alarm dealers, private investigators, guard companies, security suppliers of both products and services, local and national, have benefited from my services in the last two decades (see: - bio in brief or experience in some detail - security industry awards and comments from security clients are spread throughout this website).

Security is central:  While I am a generalist and not a specialist, professional security is a prime domain. I surely claim some special expertise in security as my experience spans both decades and various security industry segments, wide-ranging and diverse. Due diligence, covert operations, IR illuminators, IP surveillance, etc., aren't mysterious or new terms to me.  

"...the learning curve to explain a security business or operation
 is very, very short, saving time and money and delivering value."


A Primary Benefit:  One huge benefit this translates into for clients is this:  the learning curve to explain a security business or operation is very, very short, saving time and money and more. You can eliminate the excruciating frustration of trying to explain "security" and what you do to someone who looks at you like your speaking Greek. I listen very well, I pick things up very quickly, and "I get it" This translates into increased value and benefit.

What do I do for security organizations? I help you to communicate effectively with those critical to your success:  clients or customers, prospects, suppliers, others. I help you to create and maintain a positive, consistent, strong organizational identity, and to communicate, project, and reinforce it. I work with you to produce logos or icons, brochures, newsletters, websites, press releases, advertising, as well as other materials. Please see my individual service pages, and know that we produce these for security.

Is the security industry different? Are there unique aspects to this industry that must be taken into account? You bet. With this special expertise I continue to serve many within the industry, and many who are outside of this industry, as well, as my client list clearly indicates. I invite you to contact me directly as to specifically how I may serve you.   Don Calderwood


Use this valuable register to locate security sources in Ohio, plus. Security providers can list their organizations free with the Security Industry Register...
Check your listing...listings are free.

Security Industry Register - Ohio



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Client letter  Client Letter

"It is our pleasure to endorse your services to our company. The brochures, letterhead, and newsletters
 that you have produced for us exceeded any expectations that we had.
We've had nothing but compliments on the quality and content of our brochure and newsletters."

- - Greg Oesch, Pres., 
21st Century Alarm/Data
Sales, Installation, and  Service Co.

Letter on file

Client letter  Client Letter

"I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the fine work you've done for us. The brochure you designed and produced, from scratch, is nothing less than a first class job at an excellent price. Thank you. Your advice in every area we've discussed, even though you're not an expert in our field, has been right on target.
In fact, your creativity is evident in everything you've done, from logos to letters."

- - Peter Gray, CEO,
Gray Security, Inc.
professional service firm

Letter on file

  About Me  |   SERVICES   |  Clients-Awards  |  Working Together  |  News  |  CLIENT LOGIN
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This page is:   Services to the Security Industry 

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(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
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Don Calderwood

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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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