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  (logo) Hawkeye Services, writers, editors, publishers, graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, web sites, creative services, corporate image programs, Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
 ~ Marketing & Client Support Services ~

Don Calderwood


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Cleveland Area, NE Ohio

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Pen client letter on file  Client Letter

"I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the fine work you've done for us. The brochure you designed and produced, from scratch, is nothing less than a first class job at an excellent price. Thank you. Your advice in every area we've discussed, even though you're not an expert in our field, has been right on target. In fact, your creativity is evident in everything you've done, from logos to letters."

-- P. Gray, President, Service Firm

Letter on file


Pen client letter on file  Client Letter

"He (Don Calderwood)   is creative, quickly understands what must be done, generates fresh ideas, offers good suggestions, and is very professional." 

 - - Robert Ambros,

Letter on file


A world of servicesA World of Professional, Creative Services: 


Support Services

Copywriter services solely, or coupled with graphic designer & illustrator services, ranging to full production, electronic or printing, possibly through distribution, A to Z...

Single services or projects, to comprehensive services, on-going management of identity, communications, branding...


 (Some sample items on pages)




Alphabetical LISTING Services, Items, Mediums, or Production

- Advertising, ads,  
    print or electronic

- Banners, posters

- Booklets

- Branding,
- Brochures

- Business Plans
- Copywriting

- Corporate identity

- Customer letters
- Customer surveys

- Decals

- Descriptions,
- Design of business 
     cards, letterhead,
     all  collaterals

 - Editing

- Flyers, handouts

- Grant Proposals
- Graphic design
- Illustration
- Image
- Logos, icons

- Manuals, &

- Newsletters
- Organizational
     business identity 
 - Press releases
- Press 
- Product sheets
- About Mes, 
- Sales materials
- Sales letters
       & direct mail

- Tag lines, slogans
- Trade show

     - WEBSITES -

- Hosting
- Design,
- Website
- SEO copywriting
- Upgrades, editing


writing, copywriting

Copywriting Services
Experienced and award-winning copywriter, producer, publication designer,  and designer of all applicable materials in multiple industries. Go to:  Copywriting





WEB and SEO services, website editing, redesignsWebsite Services
Complete website services from A to Z, providing "hands-on" services, actively engaged and creating consistent, managed content (copywriter and graphic designer services) with ease of navigation.  Designs, redesigns, editing, SEO.
Go to:  Website Services and Copywriting for SEO also



Website SEO, optimization, editingSEO Copywriting, Website Search Engine Optimization, Editing
Experienced copywriter, with copywriting applied to websites. Organic SEO. Proven results in content generating positioning, for original websites to editing of existing copy on websites.  Separate page not available yet -Go to:  Website Services and Copywriting for SEO also



Identity and brandingBusiness, Corporate, Organizational Identity - Branding, Positioning, Image Management
Identity, one of the most critical areas for business or organizational success. I harness the power, let it loose, and manage the process to help a client win. All organizational materials, from A to Z, produced. Go to:  Organizational Identity


Logos - Logo ProducerCustom logo producer
I produce custom logos for businesses, corporations, companies, and associations, carefully crafted from a marketing vantage point, with positioning tag lines and elements, geared to objectives, working with an experienced logo graphic designer.
 Go to:  Logo Producer




Brochure producer




Brochures of all types, from a general capabilities to product/service brochures, to events, etc.;  copywriter, designer, producer.  
Go to:  Brochures








Newsletter writersCustom newsletters, copywriting geared to your specific objectives, from copywriting to graphic design to production of a newsletter for companies, for customers or for in-house, and associations and others. Copywriter services solely, to full service.
Go to:  Newsletter Producer



Advertising, Press Releases & Materials
Advertising copy, copywriter services solely to advertising design and production, creative ads for newspapers, magazines, trade magazines, directories, websites, along with press releases, backgrounders, About Mes, histories, etc. Go to:  Advertising


Association management services


Association Management Support Services
I provide experienced, award-winning, multiple  services to state and regional associations, non-profits, just short of full association management services. Go to:  Association Services




Collaterals and Other Areas
Manuals, flyers, handouts, trade show materials, cards, postcards, signage, banners, posters, etc.  (see collateral materials list in red above).



Services tailored to the security industryServices for the Security Industry
For many, a very difficult industry in which to effectively promote. I do it well.
Go to:  Security Industry

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This page is:   SERVICES - HOME

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Copywriter, pen

  • Writer

  • Copywriter

  • Editor

  • Designer 

  • Websites A- Z

(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
 ~ Marketing & Client Support Services ~

Don Calderwood

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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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