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Don Calderwood

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Serving the U.S.
Cleveland Area, NE Ohio




Serving:  Those whom we serve are a mix of national, regional, and local organizations and companies, mostly small or medium sized. We've served some that are  "Big Business," however, and a number of individuals, too. Clients are diverse in nature and geography, my farthest client being over 2000 miles away, thanks to the world wide web. 

SERVING a wide range of clients and business models:  industrial, commercial, retail, service:

  • Sales and Service Companies, Dealers

  • Manufacturers, Distributors, Mfrs. Reps

  • Construction

  • Security Companies

  • Associations, Non-profits and For Profits

  • Government and Institutions 

  • Social Agencies

  • Public Utilities

  • Publishers, Agencies

  • Professionals

  • Writers, Poets, Graphic Artists

  • NEW Companies

Whether your type of operation is listed or not I'd urge you to please inquire. I'd never provided service to a public utility before doing so, never did a website for an artist before doing so, a poet, etc. Versatile. Broadly experienced.  Please inquire.


Call us!Working together...

    Scroll down for processes, but the single best thing you can do after that is to send me an email or call me.


     Describe what you're trying to accomplish. It is the way to start, short of meeting in person. I'm easy to talk with, and I can answer the questions that you have. Call me. ALL ALL ALL Contact INFO.

More? How would I work with you, and what is the process?


    I gather information from you about what you want to have done, and what you want to accomplish. Together we discuss and define the project as it relates to your objectives. The standard interview questions apply, as in who, what, why, where, how, and so on. I ask good questions, I listen very well, and I learn quickly - I've been doing this for years, and it is second nature.

     In this process I get to know and understand your operations and objectives, and how this project fits in. As we progress, we communicate via telephone, email, fax, possibly in person if you are local. I gather references and materials. I observe and I study. I follow closely the organizational colors, styles, fonts used, etc., if and as appropriate, so whatever we're working on blends with your image. If it is a newsletter, for example, it is your newsletter, and has the look and feel of your organization.  As we discuss your project and it becomes more defined, I'd provide you with an estimate of the time that it will take. A Standard Letter of Engagement would be forwarded to you, and a deposit is required that is credited against the work to be done. I work hourly and bill hourly, providing a detailed report with any invoice, usually sent at the end of each month, as appropriate.  


Review and approve work     Review and Approval:  We go back and forth as the project develops, and you review and approve what we are working on as we progress. Work is not so much done for you, but with you - you're  involved from the first. The clearer we are from the start, the better the work progresses,  easier and more smoothly. We draft and submit the material to you. You review and comment and correct, as necessary and appropriate. We discuss, make changes, get feedback, review and refine the work. We drive then toward completion, and you approve the final of whatever it is.  The end result is not a mystery or a surprise. That's the usual process, and it works. Again, please call me.  


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Project Sizes - Scope - Capabilities

I handle small and medium projects personally. I include the services of  a professional graphic designer and illustrator as a consultant or co-producer on most jobs. When you fuse  crisp and clear  copywriting with just the right  design you add great power to the message, to the work itself, to the impact it makes. I expand capabilities when others are needed, or for large projects involving much writing and deadlines. I call upon other experienced, professional, freelance copywriters, printers, specialty printers, etc., ones that I know and have experience with, when the project calls for it. Regardless, I manage the entire process.


Single Project or Long Term Client RelationshipsRelationships matter...

  Usually I will accept one time jobs or projects. Longer term client relationships are beneficial, both ways. Often a single job turns into more work or ongoing work and projects, depending.  I have clients that I have worked with for almost 20  years and  a good number in the five to fifteen year spread. For many clients I produce and manage most or all of their communications in print or in electronic forms, such as websites, newsletters, brochures, etc. 

Your Objectives & Clarity

Your objectives rule. Everything has a purpose and an objective. After understanding yours, I ply my craft to  deliver on what you need accomplished. 


Have a plan...Working with clients, and developing a plan


     Each client is different, unique, even if two businesses are in the same business and in the same market, and my experience is that they are "night and day."  They will have different needs, a different vision, differing objectives. Recognizing this clearly, a cooperative plan is developed around the specific objectives of the client. I start with questions. 


     "What do you want to have done? What are your objectives, and what are you trying to accomplish? What is making it difficult? What is your 'position' within your market? How do you communicate with your markets now?"  And I can help you flesh out the answers, and help to pin down targets if they seem hazy. I study, analyze, consider, evaluate, and explore. I refine a plan with you, suggest possible alternatives, and then begin to help implement the plan and the process from there. 


For a full range of services, see Services Overview:

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For more INFORMATION please inquire:   Contact Me  Thank you.


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This page is:   Working Together

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Copywriter, pen

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(logo) Hawkeye Services, copywriters, editors,  graphic designers, marketing support, logos, brochures, newsletters, advertising, websites,  Ohio
Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
 ~ Marketing & Client Support Services ~

Don Calderwood

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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
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