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In Memoriam, Donald A. Calderwood

PERSONAL NOTICE (updated 12-26-2018): 

Donald A. Calderwood, my son, passed away on Saturday, October 27th, 2018, at Euclid Hospital in Euclid, Ohio. I and my family are in grief to announce this, and the onset of the crippling of joy and the beginning or deep misery at the loss of such a wonderful, kind, and caring soul who had such possibilities in this abbreviated life, and whom we loved heart and soul. Only 37, this is a tragedy on so many levels and a huge loss. He is survived by immediate family, father Donald S., mother Lois J., and sister, Jessica Calderwood. Don was a lifelong resident of Wickliffe and Euclid, Ohio, graduating from Wickliffe High before attending John Carrol U. where he was a National Honor Society member.

      The purpose of this notice, now, is to make this information available to anyone who might not have known, and to thank sincerely all friends and family, and all who knew Don and attended the incredibly moving memorial service that paid respects to Don.

      Location:   Henn Mansion, 23131 Lakeshore Blvd., Euclid, Ohio 44123
        Date/Time:  Sunday, November 18, 2018, 1 to 4 p.m.
        Program:  Arrival 1, service beginning at 1:30 with a welcome, a prayer, and eulogies by immediate family, followed by attendees who knew Don who wish to share positive memorial comments in tribute to Don, and then light refreshments.

      Facebook:  Don's Facebook page may sill exist, and if so and if interested the link to it is listed here:

      There is a website at  where there is an obituary and the ability to leave positive comments. Search by name.



       - - Posted by Donald S. Calderwood, Father, for the family.  If you wish to contact me, email address follows:


Donald A. Calderwood (photo below)

Donald A. Calderwood photo

DAC and DSC discuss..

D.A. Calderwood and D.S. Calderwood


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