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Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
 ~ Marketing & Client Support Services ~

Don Calderwood


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Serving the U.S.,
NE Ohio, and

Greater Cleveland


"Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine."

- - David Ogilvy
 "Father of American Advertising"





Copywriter, pen  Client Letter

"You asked us to let you know how we are satisfied with your services in regard to marketing, consultation, advertising, writing, etc. After discussing your request with the other principals I am pleased to inform you that you have scored highly in all the areas which count." 

 - - James Szell, VP
Corporate Investigative
Services, Inc.

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Copywriter, pen  Client Letter

"He (Don Calderwood) is creative, quickly understands what must be done, generates fresh ideas, offers good suggestions, and is very professional." 

 - - Robert Ambros,
former CEO, E.R.C.

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HUGE Projects?

Copywriter, pen 
Client Letter

 "It is my pleasure to recommend your services to any prospective client, enthusiastically. Your dedication to the enormous task of converting our standards (over 1200 pages with hundreds of graphs and drawings) is much appreciated. Every day the results of your efforts are in use and are providing ease of use... Thank you again for your efforts. I am very satisfied with what you accomplished for us."   

- - John D. Hogan, former Chief,
Staff Engineering,
East Ohio Gas Company

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Mission Statement:   “Provide quality copywriting, writing, and editing with designs that 'work' to deliver solid communication services in print and electronic forms."




Don Calderwood

ANNOUNCING... book publication: 

 and How It Gets That Way

Author, Don Calderwood
Engaging, fictional, and entertaining short stories

Positive reader reviews and comments.
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      I provide multiple "Marketing and Support Services" for many different businesses, associations, non-profits, individuals, and clients. This wide-ranging, vast experience garnered over many years by Pro website awardsserving diverse industries positions me to serve many different business models:  industrial, commercial, retail, service. My purpose is to provide ideas and methods and communication/marketng tools for a client to accelerate toward their business objectives - faster, easier, and with clear advantage. How may I help you?


Don Calderwood - FOUR descriptive qualities: 


  • Versatile

  • Broadly Experienced

  • Professional

  • Adept

FOUR reasons to choose Don Calderwood and Hawkeye Services...

  • Experience award-winning services that provide exceptional response and service, whether in concept, design, or production.

  • You'll get solid copywriting,  crisp graphic designs, and ideas you can use

  • An easy-going but professional relationship, help and assistance sincerely given

  • A clear focus that my objectives are to help you to meet yours

  • (Okay, 5 reasons) Fair and reasonable pricing for efficient, 1st class service


Copywriter, pen, marketing support servicesSTATEMENT  

     "I'm Don Calderwood (photo above), and  I'm an experienced, professional, and freelance copywriter.  I extend far beyond copywriting, as important as that is. If I solely provided copywriting, explaining my services would be a far simpler task. There's far more to marketing and support services and my role in serving clients than copywriting, while good business copywriting and communications are at the core."


Marketing and Client Support Services,
Freelance Copywriter with Graphic Designer Services
Complete Turnkey Projects from Concept to Delivery




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This page is:   HOME page


Review Date:

Copywriter, pen

  • Writer

  • Copywriter

  • Editor

  • Designer 

  • Websites A- Z

Professional Copywriter, Producer, Designer
Website Service Provider
 ~ Marketing & Client Support Services ~

Don Calderwood

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Painesville - Lake County, Ohio - Midwest USA
(Cleveland East - Painesville, Mentor, and Concord Ohio areas)


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