FAQs & More
On Copywriting, Writing, and Production Services

And what’s this name about, Hawkeye Services?

After the “Iowa Hawkeyes”? No. Named after “Hawkeye Pierce” in Mash? No. While I liked that character, this is about the “Hawkeye” in Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper. Hawkeye was a crack shot with a long rifle (18th century), and he just didn’t miss. Ever. Eyes like a hawk and, hence, his name. And I have always been fascinated with the vision of hawks, four to five times better than humans. Impressive!  Hawks see a greater distance than humans and have excellent color vision. If you can do that in life, if you can “see things,” so to speak, you’re way ahead in the game.

How do you charge? What are your rates?

Rates are extremely reasonable given my experience and performance history. I can provide an estimate, which is not a “cap” on what finally will be, but it’s usually very close because I’m very experienced. An advantage that you have is that I charge by the hour. This provides some control on your part if you think about it. And on my part, as it prevents unlimited revisions beyond the norm (in the past I’ve had clients that have done just that, reducing my “solid quote” down to minimum wage). If I don’t feel I can give a good and fair estimate, I charge time and materials. Fair.

If I’d like to get started on a project, what’s necessary to begin?

First, much discussion on what you want done. If we both wish to proceed, I’d send you my Standard Agreement, indicating and describing the initial project (the agreement would cover any and all future projects, simplifying the paperwork, should you choose added projects, the estimate, and a deposit needed to begin. We begin. We communicate all along the way, drafts are provided, etc.

How can I have confidence that you could produce what I’m looking for? That you could understand my business (or me, my purpose, organization, association, etc.) in order to produce an effective piece (strategy, tactic, etc.)?

A good and important question. Without actually talking to me about what you need, in which case I could tell you yes I could or no I couldn’t, please go back to the top of this page and see Client-Services and About me, and read them thoroughly all the way through. I have no desire to tackle a project I think I couldn’t handle and do well, and I wouldn’t.

Do you provide straight CONSULTATION even if you aren’t going to produce a particular project, to help me make the right decisions regarding what I think I need? A problem I’m trying to solve regarding market communications?

Absolutely. It’s one of my favorite things to do, to become involved in. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone, to get an independent sounding board and get feedback on what you’re thinking or planning or doing. For example, say you want to do a newsletter for your customers and you can write, but should you do it? And what should you focus on in terms of content, articles, features? Or should you be doing something other than a newsletter? In promotion or introduction of a new product or service, what’s best? What should you avoid? I’m open to working with you. Talk to me. Deposit against estimated time, and then straight time for discussion, research, what’s needed. Phone and/or live face-to-face online.

Social media? Do you provide any services related to any social media?

No, not unless it is just straight writing without any direct contact with social media platforms.

TAGLINES? What are they and do I need one?

“Things go better with Coke!” “We bring good things to light.” You probably already know that this is Coca-Cola and General Electric. How important are taglines? Extremely important, on the level of critical. However, what’s critical is that the tagline be extremely well done. It’s not just some ho hum identifier, and plenty of companies have taglines that are just that, some being actually quite inept (someone thinks they’re so clever). You can search the internet on taglines, which is instructive, but a tagline is also known as a slogan, brand item, descriptor, etc. A good or great tagline is a simple yet very powerful statement of brand, position, identity, that shouts a competitive advantage, and identifies the company, product, service, and more. Real important. I do these. I’m very good at it. Don’t have one, or don’t have a great one? You’re missing out.