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Graphic Designers, Illustrators: Freelance

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For several decades we’ve been helping businesses, organizations, and individuals create, edit, or update their brand, materials, content, and image, helping them to shine and stand apart from all others: Logos, Brochures, Newsletters, Ads, Materials, etc.
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Located in Painesville, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland.

writing and graphic design
All design, layout, graphic images, writing/copywriting.

“I can’t believe how incredibly you’ve captured who we are and what we want to convey to our prospects! Outstanding!”
– – Managing Director, Township 110 Land Company, Montana Division

NEWSLETTER: “We are glad to endorse you, everyone mentions the newsletter to us all the time, how wonderful they are written and look. We love our newsletters. We are really glad to have you doing them. Thank you so much!”

— Kev & Jeanne Lusson, Kevs Body & Custom, Inc., Rice Lake (Brill), WI

Auto Body Shop, 1000 printed newsletters quarterly, all copywriting and editing, all graphic design, services for 10 years, recently sold.

Cleveland Ohio
Serving clients nationally, Hawkeye Services is located in Painesville, Ohio, , just outside Cleveland (shown above).

Our Services

Writing, Copywriting, Design

We listen carefully to your ideas and thoughts, to what is desired and what is required. What does the job demand? What is the best structure, format, style? What is the brand if we aren’t creating it, but using the existing style. We write to that. We do this no matter if the medium is a brochure, website, newslettter, ad, company history, all and sundry. Decades of service. Many satisfied clients. You’re invited to join them.

– – Don Calderwood

Graphic Design, Illustration

Graphic design and illustration are performed by a degreed professional, a 20-year veteran of the same, so to speak, a former Adjunct Professor at Cuyahoga Community College, well-versed with pencil, compass, and all the pro software expertise. Kristen Stuart performs all services onsite, by hand, by computer, and incorporating both. Drawing came first, as it should for a pro designer and illustrator. She has awards. She has an added design company, Lodestar Visions.

– – Kristen E. Stuart

Writing – Copywriter +

Hawkeye Services is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality and creative services. The producers of Hawkeye Services have successfully represented and advised hundreds of clients over the last 20 years. We are confident that our team’s unique experiences, education, background, and performance will absolutely be an asset to your business.

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